Stocker’s Landscaping has been working with clients to beautify and add value to their homes in the Tri-State for over 40 years! We realize a person’s landscape reflects who they are. Stocker’s is emotionally engaged in every project grasping its true intention and building designs to their full potential. And, your can relax knowing our skilled team is fully insured. From lawns to patios, to foundation plantings to water features, Stocker’s Landscaping is equipped to help our clients realize their dreams.


For the past several years Stocker’s Landscaping LLC has all but delegated a crew just for hardscapes. From terraced patios, summer kitchens, retaining walls, poured concrete, paver patios, and everything in between, Stocker’s enjoys the challenge of both constructing and designing the perfect hardscape design for your large or small property. Allow us to help design and build your perfect outdoor living space.


There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of flowing water. From a small bubble rock to a large flowing stream, water features can be tailor made to fit almost any area. Sitting on the patio during the summer listening to flowing water, or viewing your water feature in the winter flowing through snow covered rocks, water features can be enjoyed year round. Water features make great focal points in the landscape, adding a natural surround sound to your outdoor living area.


With having to worry about the details of everyday tasks, we understand that the last thing you need to worry about is maintaining your landscape and property. Landscape needs are constantly changing throughout the year. In order to preserve the original idea and image which inspired your landscape, regular planned maintenance is a necessity. Let Stocker’s Landscaping make your maintenance as worry free as possible.


Stocker’s Landscaping specializes in commercial snow removal and application of ice melt. Our goal is to be the snow removal company of choice providing the most efficient, reliable, and time sensitive snow removal services necessary to make your property as safe as possible during wintry weather.

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